Animal Feed Production

As you all know there is a huge variety of animal food selection in the world. One selection of food for pigs, one for cattle, one for poultry and another for fish. What animals eat have become increasingly important lately. And why is that? Perhaps because of the same reason animal feed mills are on the rise.

pig feed

Well, us humans are a lot more aware of what we eat in 2018 than we were twenty years ago, not to speak of fifty years ago. And well, doesn’t it make sense? If we care about what we eat, then of course we care about what the animals we eat, eat in turn.

pig feed mills food

Everyone knows vegetarians are on the rise. More and more people choose to ignore the meat and choose other alternatives such as more vegitables, beans or some other junk.

Plastic Manufacturing and Annealing

Plastic labels and products have many uses and the need for ID labeling, security and communication is fundamental in medical device and tool manufacturing.
The advantages of plastic manufacturing include:

  • Non- contact, flexible marking and precision, focused beam with small kerf width (extremely high accuracy).
  • The flexible (software cutting templates), efficient methods allow for rapid development with precise results, adding increased speed and processing.
  • Different wavelengths (UV & IR) can be specified, to produce varying levels of sharpness for purpose. We have our own processes, and with client input produce extremely accurate requirements for your needs.

Technological Development and Further Applications

Engraving uses a more powerful laser as a result the material being marked is melted, removing layers of the material forming the etching in the process. These alternative methods have led to laser welding and cutting application, again highly useful in the MDM industry. This further allows for precise production applications like tool construction and sharpening across a range of materials and design manufacturing requirements.

Carbonising processes further add a precise and powerful iteration of laser technology, spurring on further research and applications, within development and medical industry.

Laser Medical Manufacturing In the Future .

Laser technology once seen as science fiction, has been successfully adapted and applied to some of the most important areas of medical development and manufacturing.

Branding, traceable high temperature resistant sanitised products are some of the advancements.

Leading to improvements in medical standards and industry. A mass production of extremely precise and reliable, durable manufactured medical devices.

Plastic manufacturing is even entering the world of hone design and development, with the advent of 3d printers engineering prototypes and even products can now be designed with CAD and 3d primed in commercially available 3D printing devices.

This equates to an exciting future for plastics and development across many fields.

Producing 3D models in metal

3D printing metal is going to revolutionize manufacturing and has everyone in the industry excited. As yet, though, it’s still on the periphery. Until recently the metals physical weight was a huge obstacle when trying out new methods of  3D printing metal — the material didn’t support itself while being printed. Instead researchers made metal structures for support which was later detached. When removing the structure the end-product often got damaged or scratched. Instead of the “old” steel structure researchers invented a light carbon steel support that objects could rest inside of, solving one of the major issues. Still, the 3D printers were highly expensive and not for everyday usage.

A new production revolution

Recently Desktop Metal developed their incredible Studio System, a machine that will print metal parts at a tenth of the cost of today’s manufacturing. In a safe, simple and highly automated way! Imagine a world were medical implants, architecture models, prototypes, jewelry, or functional parts can be printed on demand and in a small scale. Since most printers are way too expensive for the average consumer the Studio System will potentially start a small part production revolution.

ECU Master

A ECU Master is a computer that managest the spark ignition of engines.  There is a Black version that is suitable for race cars but also other applications like bikes and boats.  The most important thing about these computers is the impact it can have on fuel consumption and power of the engine.  All ECU:s are programmable so that you can tailor the ECU to your car and your specific circumstances. It is recommended that if you have a race car of any sort you should invest in a better ECU for maximum performance. A lot of people wonder if it is also recommended to install a new ECU to ypur ordinary car. This is probably not worth the cost. The effect you can get out of a normal car is not very big so be cautious before investing.

Relocating to Mexico

Mexico has consistently held a top 5 spot in Expat Insider’s list of top places to relocate. In 2017, it actually made it to the top 3. This is for three main reasons; it’s ease of adaption and low barriers to transition, a smaller culture shock curve, financial stability and low cost of living. The weather definitely helps too, especially for anyone from somewhere with a cold, long winter. The people are friendly and many say that definitely helps settle down.

The cost of living draws many people in but the climate, the food and the people keep people for the long haul. In addition, over 75% of expats are pleased with their financial situation. Though many people who are educated and in business speak English fluently, it is still the largest Spanish speaking country in the world. With that said, there are over two million expats living in Mexico, meaning that there is a good chance there will be some, or many others who speak your language. There are ample business opportunities and the economy is one the most prominent in Latin America.

Overall, there are only two explicitly and common set backs that may impede or negatively impact the appeal of moving or relocating to Mexico and they are political unrest and safety. The political landscape is uneasy and ever changing and somewhat corrupt, to say the least. It makes people somewhat uneasy, especially those with small children. The safety of individuals, especially foreigners who may appear to have money is also questionable, given that politicians are corrupt, and drug wars and gangs are not uncommon.

In order to move there, it is important to have all appropriate documents. It is also important to figure out logistics beforehand such as accommodation. For example, in Mexico, rentals are unregulated so the rent can vary place to place.