Plastic Manufacturing and Annealing

Plastic labels and products have many uses and the need for ID labeling, security and communication is fundamental in medical device and tool manufacturing.
The advantages of plastic manufacturing include:

  • Non- contact, flexible marking and precision, focused beam with small kerf width (extremely high accuracy).
  • The flexible (software cutting templates), efficient methods allow for rapid development with precise results, adding increased speed and processing.
  • Different wavelengths (UV & IR) can be specified, to produce varying levels of sharpness for purpose. We have our own processes, and with client input produce extremely accurate requirements for your needs.

Technological Development and Further Applications

Engraving uses a more powerful laser as a result the material being marked is melted, removing layers of the material forming the etching in the process. These alternative methods have led to laser welding and cutting application, again highly useful in the MDM industry. This further allows for precise production applications like tool construction and sharpening across a range of materials and design manufacturing requirements.

Carbonising processes further add a precise and powerful iteration of laser technology, spurring on further research and applications, within development and medical industry.

Laser Medical Manufacturing In the Future .

Laser technology once seen as science fiction, has been successfully adapted and applied to some of the most important areas of medical development and manufacturing.

Branding, traceable high temperature resistant sanitised products are some of the advancements.

Leading to improvements in medical standards and industry. A mass production of extremely precise and reliable, durable manufactured medical devices.

Plastic manufacturing is even entering the world of hone design and development, with the advent of 3d printers engineering prototypes and even products can now be designed with CAD and 3d primed in commercially available 3D printing devices.

This equates to an exciting future for plastics and development across many fields.


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