Producing 3D models in metal

3D printing metal is going to revolutionize manufacturing and has everyone in the industry excited. As yet, though, it’s still on the periphery. Until recently the metals physical weight was a huge obstacle when trying out new methods of  3D printing metal — the material didn’t support itself while being printed. Instead researchers made metal structures for support which was later detached. When removing the structure the end-product often got damaged or scratched. Instead of the “old” steel structure researchers invented a light carbon steel support that objects could rest inside of, solving one of the major issues. Still, the 3D printers were highly expensive and not for everyday usage.

A new production revolution

Recently Desktop Metal developed their incredible Studio System, a machine that will print metal parts at a tenth of the cost of today’s manufacturing. In a safe, simple and highly automated way! Imagine a world were medical implants, architecture models, prototypes, jewelry, or functional parts can be printed on demand and in a small scale. Since most printers are way too expensive for the average consumer the Studio System will potentially start a small part production revolution.

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