Relocating to Mexico

Mexico has consistently held a top 5 spot in Expat Insider’s list of top places to relocate. In 2017, it actually made it to the top 3. This is for three main reasons; it’s ease of adaption and low barriers to transition, a smaller culture shock curve, financial stability and low cost of living. The weather definitely helps too, especially for anyone from somewhere with a cold, long winter. The people are friendly and many say that definitely helps settle down.

The cost of living draws many people in but the climate, the food and the people keep people for the long haul. In addition, over 75% of expats are pleased with their financial situation. Though many people who are educated and in business speak English fluently, it is still the largest Spanish speaking country in the world. With that said, there are over two million expats living in Mexico, meaning that there is a good chance there will be some, or many others who speak your language. There are ample business opportunities and the economy is one the most prominent in Latin America.

Overall, there are only two explicitly and common set backs that may impede or negatively impact the appeal of moving or relocating to Mexico and they are political unrest and safety. The political landscape is uneasy and ever changing and somewhat corrupt, to say the least. It makes people somewhat uneasy, especially those with small children. The safety of individuals, especially foreigners who may appear to have money is also questionable, given that politicians are corrupt, and drug wars and gangs are not uncommon.

In order to move there, it is important to have all appropriate documents. It is also important to figure out logistics beforehand such as accommodation. For example, in Mexico, rentals are unregulated so the rent can vary place to place.


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